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What do you want said about you at your funeral?

Posted by mikeonpurpose on September 30, 2010

One of the reasons that the topic of voluntourism (and volunteerism) interests me is that I have become increasingly aware of the shortness of my own human lifespan, and as a result I have felt a need to make an impact on the world in the time that I have left. So I was amused by this Candorville comic from a couple of days ago:

I think that the punchline addresses the very sorts of existential questions that my impending death leads me to ask, and which also serves as the basis for my need to inquire on how I can make my life more meaningful. If I had eons to live, I might not feel such a pressing need to make an impact. Ironically, perhaps it is the very tragedy of the shortness of our lives that can make it possible for life to have more significance.


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